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Bounce Back Your Mental Health

Up to 30% of adults aged 65+ experience mental health challenges which can lead to a lower quality of life and independence.(1)

Why is the rate so high for older adults? Some of the causes of anxiety and stress for older adults can include:

  • More frequent loss of family and friends

  • Loneliness

  • Caregiving challenges

  • Social Isolation

  • Physical and chronic health issues

  • Transition to retirement

Mental health services for older adults has become a priority, in order to serve a population that will grow from an estimated 16% of the Ontario population in 2015 to 20% by the year 2024.(2)

What services are available for older adults who may be suffering from anxiety or stress?  The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) York & South Simcoe chapter offers two programs based on the evidence- based principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   CBT focuses on the development of coping strategies that target unhealthful thinking and problem solving.

Bounce Back Bounce Back is a free doctor referred program for adults who suffer from mild to moderate levels of low mood depression, worry or anxiety.

The primary components of the program involve two levels of evidence-based CBT self-help:

  1. Psycho-educational Video (Living Life To The Full)

  2. Workbooks + 4-6 Telephone Coaching Sessions

The workbook materials are tailored to focus on the client’s area of need and include titles such as:

  • Why Do I Feel So Bad?

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Low Mood and Anxiety

  • Overcoming Reduced Activity and Avoidance

  • Reclaim Your Life

Results The Bounce Back program often reduces anxiety and depression scores by 50%when participants complete the full program.(3)

To find out more about the Bounce Back program and eligibility, please visit:

Living Life To The Full Another program that is offered by CMHA York & South Simcoe is called ‘Living Life to the Full’

‘Living Life to the Full’ is an eight 90-minute sessions in person facilitated course. 

Developed by Dr. Chris Williams, an expert and trainer in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this program changes lives. Living Life to the Full provides easy-to-apply life skills that you can use to tackle personal challenges, increase your self-confidence, challenge negative thinking and increase resilience to stress. The course fee includes nine booklets and worksheets to support your on-going mental health.

Recent participants have said the following about the course:

“Knowing that I have the choice to take control of my emotions makes me feel more confident in dealing with my daily life.  I focus on more positive things.” “LLTTF changed my perspective on a lot of things.” “I’m learning to love myself again.”

Register on-line today:


1.Older Adults “Living Life To The Full” Ontario Pilot Project 2015 2.Statistics Canada, Canada's population estimates: Age and sex, July 1, 2015 3. Study results are from the BounceBack: Reclaim Your Health Final Implementation Evaluation Report, prepared for the Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division by Jeanne Legare and Associates (June 2010).


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