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These are the sentiments of many of those diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia. These words express their feelings of being treated differently,  being talked about  instead of  being talked to,  and even  being ignored all together. Well for the record, they want us all to know.... that they are STILL HERE!

Take a look at this powerful clip:

January marks  Alzheimer's awareness month, and one of the greatest resources this country has in regards to the illness of dementia, is the Alzheimer's Society. Each year in January the Alzheimer's Society promotes a campaign to raise further awareness about this illness. Last year, if you recall, the campaign centered around "The 72 Percent", which focused on the fact that 72 %  of those diagnosed with Alzheimer's are female.

This year the campaign is called " Still Here", which focuses on the lived experience of those diagnosed with dementia ;  And who best to speak on the matter than those living this experience every day. 

For those of you who have a loved one with Alzheimer's  or another dementia diagnosis, the Alzheimer's Society is an amazing resource that can provide you with support and guidance through the challenging times. Below are few of the support options they have to offer:

The Music Project: Dementia or no dementia, we all love music! This music project provides those with dementia the opportunity to continue enjoying the pleasure of music, through providing them with an ipod music player at no cost, loaded with their favourite songs!

Dementia Support Groups: The Alzheimer's Society offer various support groups both for those with dementia, as well as for their loved ones.

AlzEducate : A variety of online courses are available and perfect for those wanting to learn more about dementia.

Finding Your Way : This program focuses on keeping your loved one safe and reducing the risk of them losing their way or going missing.

If you are looking for support and help, there are resources available to help you. For more information on these and other programs offered through the Alzheimer's Society, please visit their site:

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