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Why was Senior Care Connect created?  

As a social worker in hospital, Senior Care Connect’s founder, Kristal Lewis, often encountered families distraught over trying to find care for their aging loved one. With a lack of knowledge about the health care system, many unfamiliar care options, limited time and financial resources, families easily became overwhelmed. SCC was developed to help families reduce stress ( by accessing expert advice to help them make informed decisions), as well as to save them time (in being able to search for care services easily all in one location on our platform), and money ( in offering them discounted rates on services which they already use or will need to purchase).

Where is Senior Care Connect based?

We are a Canadian owned and operated company based out of Toronto, Ontario. We currently operate and offer services primarily within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but in some service categories there may be service providers who offer services across Ontario.  As we expand, we will grow to offer more service providers across the province and eventually the country. 

How much does it cost to be a member with Senior Care Connect?

We offer different plans for our users, including a FREE plan , a month to month plan of only $20/mth OR if you sign on for the year we offer a 25% discounted rate of $180/yr.  Our monthly and yearly plans offer can offer our users  greater value in savings as these plans give you access to TWO times the savings on services , a larger amount of money in rebates, as well as greater access to our senior care experts ( compared to our free plan). See our pricing plans page for details.

Can I view the services available on the platform even if I am not a member?

Yes, even if not a member you can view the service categories available. Only those who are subscribed members however are able to see full listings and purchase the discounted services available, or access the expert advice included in our subscription packages (See our our pricing plans page to sign up and get started today for FREE).

How do I access Senior Care Connect expert advice?

As a subscribed member you have access to get consults or insights from a senior care expert via email/phone/virtually(based on your selected plan).  In order to access this benefit of your membership, once logged into your membership page, click on the "Expert Advice" tab at the top of the page.  The expert advice is a service only for subscribed members. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about what I can expect from SCC Expert Advice(i.e frequency,experience, response time,etc)

For our subscribed members, we like to offer ongoing or unlimited access to be able to contact us via our "Expert Advice" contact request, so that you can touch base with us as you need, to have that peace of mind and guidance as you go through the process of arranging or managing the care of your loved one. 

Based on the provided information from you, we will be able to share with you insights, possible care options and/or other important resource information which can be more specific to you or your loved ones needs/circumstances. Such information can then help you and your family make the most informed decisions. 

Senior Care Connect is based in a background of health care social work, with over a decade of experience(see details here), so you can rest assured you will be getting advice and insights from staff who have front-line experience helping hundreds of families navigate senior care options and care planning. 

We strive to always meet the needs of our members as best we can. With this said, we are NOT an emergency service, hence we cannot guarantee an immediate response once we are contacted. We will follow up as quickly as we can to help provide our insights and we aim for at most a 48hr response- but in many cases it will be much sooner than this-such as the same day (pending volume).  

Our hope is that with our expert advice and insights,  we can help reduce at least some of the stress you experience in trying to navigating the various care options, and that you can have the confidence and peace of mind you need in making decisions about you or your loved ones care


Why is Senior Care Connect able to offer discounts on care services (Which I can't get directly)?

At SCC we are able to get access to discounted rates on care services as we are often purchasing services as large volume orders (hence getting somewhat of “wholesale” pricing).  We then look to pass these savings on to our members.

Am I able to get a refund on the services I purchase?

Overall there are no refunds for services purchased, however they can be transferred for use for another person (i.e you bought the services for your mother but they are no longer needed, you can gift remaining services to a friend to use for their parent). We recommend when purchasing services, to purchase services in  the amounts needed for a specific period of time (i.e. purchase services for the month, or a few weeks). This will help avoid concerns or issues in being left with a larger number of purchased services than you may need.  Information regarding our refund policy can be found in our terms of use, which users  consent to when signing up as a member and  when purchasing services. We understand given the nature of the services being for an aging loved one- that there are exceptions in which the services once purchased may no longer be needed (i.e death of a loved one). In such a case, please contact us directly to discuss the matter, and we will do all we can to help to resolve the matter and best support you.

Who sets the pricing and discounts for the services listed? And do these prices include taxes?

The pricing including the amount of discount offered for the services we list are set by the service providers directly. SCC does not set the pricing/discounts for services listed. 

Yes the prices you see listed are the final price for services(no additional fee or taxes), as we have already calculated in the applicable taxes(13%).

Are services on Senior Care Connect subsidized by the government?

Senior Care Connect acts a search platform and marketplace to find and purchase private senior care services; hence they are not subsidized by the government.  If looking for government funded services- you can contact your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Services purchased on our platform by families typically either compliment services already being received by government funded care, OR replace them all together- depending on the needs of the family.  Services purchased on this platform typically are sought out by our users- given the limitations of publicly funded services available.

How is my payment information being handled? 

Of course we understand that as a customer you need a sense of security and peace of mind in regards to the handling of your payment information. Rest assured we also feel the same.  Senior Care Connect does not take or retain your payment information.
We makes use of the widely used payment processing  company Stripe, whose software offers the security of handling all of our payment processing.  Stripe is used by millions of companies in over 120 counties, including companies who you likely already provide your payment information to, such as  Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Habitat for Humanity,  and Unicef  to name of few of the large scale companies who all have used Stripe.   Rest assured your payment information is being handled by one of the elite companies in payment processing trusted by companies who process billions of dollars in transactions and payments.



How does Senior Care Connect make money?

Our primary source of revenue comes from our users'  paid subscription plans, as well as minimal transaction fees from purchasing from service providers (for our user's on a free plan) 


How do you choose who to list on your platform? Do you only list certain service providers? 

At  Senior Care Connect we want to grow our platform as large as possible to allow our users to search as many services and providers as possible, all in one location(via our platform). We want to be your central portal for searching for senior care services.  As such we are open to list providers who are willing to offer our users quality services at discounted or preferred rates. If you are a service provider who is able to provide quality service and offer savings to our members, and you are not yet listed on our platform, please reach out to us at at, we are happy to share your offerings with our users as an option for them to choose from as a service provider. 

I am a service Provider. How can I be listed and offer services to users on SCC's platform?

If you are a service provider who is able to offer our members quality services as at preferred or discounted rate, please contact us directly at  A staff member will follow up with you directly to further discuss your services and benefits which can be offered to our members. 


How do I know the quality of services for the service providers listed on SCC's platform? 

At Senior Care Connect, we aim to list service providers who report being able to provide  valued services to our users.  We do not list free-lancer workers, but instead opt to work with companies directly, who have measures in place to screen for staff qualifications and background checks. With this said, Senior Care Connect does act primarily as a marketplace in regards to purchasing discounted services, thus the services being offered are the responsibility of the service providers directly.  We encourage our users also to do their own reviews and ask further questions directly to service providers regarding their qualifications, staff screenings, and services being offered.   


Where Can I Send Feedback or Suggestions?

We are always open to improving our services and platform.  If you have suggestions we would love to hear from you.

Please let us know:

  • What would make your experience as a buyer on the platform better

  • What you liked about our services or platform 

  • If there are any services for seniors we don’t have listed that you would like us to add

  • If you know of any service providers you think should be listed on our platform (as well as a contact at the organization- if you have one)

  • Any features for our platform that you feel should be added

  •  OR anything else

Although we may not be able to implement every single suggestion, or  be able to do all suggestions right away(some may take longer to implement), we more than welcome the feedback. We are constantly looking to improve, so do be patient with us as we grow and enhance our platform as much as we possibly can to help service you better.


Thank you in advance for your support and suggestions!

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